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Grabbit [Grab-It] Noun. Plural -bits.
1. People who want have time to spare and are looking for flexible part time jobs. They help people accomplish tasks.


Grabbit helps you with tasks that you don't want to do yourself.

Examples of Tasks

Online Research

Writing, Proof Reading & Translation

Organizing Receipts

Scanning Business Cards

Shopping & Delivery

Events/Temp Jobs

Moving Help

House Chores & Repair (Watering plants/pets)

Administrative Chores

Technical Support

How It Works helps connect users and people who can help do tasks for them, or Grabbits. You start by posting a task and name your own price. One of our Grabbits will then contact you, and you can look at the biographical details of each grabbit who responds and choose the one you like. At that point you will put your payment in escrow by either making a deposit to our account at Bank of China (HK), or paying via PayPal. Once the Grabbit is notified of your prepayment, he will spring to action while you sit back and wait for him to complete your task.

Here are the steps in more details:

  1. Post your task and your email address
  2. Check your inbox and click on the link in the email confirmation to reach your task page
  3. Communicate with multiple Grabbits on the page and examine their biographical details
  4. Choose a Grabbit
  5. Choose to escrow by either a fund deposit at Bank of China (HK), or through PayPal
  6. The Grabbit will contact you for details to start the task

What can I outsource?

Almost any task you can't be bothered with, or do not have the time to do. Our Grabbits have a diverse skill set and background. Try starting with a few simple tasks to get the hang of our system. Also, make sure you keep it legal :-)

How much should I pay?

Offer what you feel like the task is worth. A good general rule of thumb is to estimate how many hours you'd think the task would take, and then allocate a per hour value to it. This should give you a good rough estimate. Trust your judgment and you can always negotiate later if the task's scope changes.

How come nobody responds to my post?

The price you've offered may not be attractive enough for the task. You could always try contacting our team and we'll repost it with a higher price. Remember that we subtract our fees from your offer price.

Why didn't I get a confirmation email?

Please check your spam (junk) email folder as some email providers may misplace it. To prevent that from happening you should add to your address book or contact list. If you still can't find a certain email, you could always contact us at

What are some examples of tasks?

You want someone to take your guest around town. A Grabbit can pick her up from the Central MTR station -> Bring her to Stanley Market, do a brief introduction of the area -> Bring her back to Causeway Bay to join you for dinner by 7pm. You place a $300 offer on the task.

How do I become a grabbit?

If you often have spare time between scheduled plans, you could be a Grabbit. After you sign up, you'll start receiving tasks that match your profile by email as they are posted. After the task is completed and the client confirms that it has been completed in a satisfactory manner, we'll take our fee from the escrow and trasnfer the remaining funds into your bank account. If there's disputes, please submit a dispute report to

Who are you guys?

We're a team based in Hong Kong. The original idea for Grabbit was conceived over one weekend project in 2011.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, you can email us at

If you are interested in becoming a Grabbit and work for us, please fill out an application on our contact page.

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