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Grabbit [Grab-It] Noun. Plural -bits.
2. Resourceful people with spare time looking for extra cash. They help people skip past mundane tasks.

Who are we

The Grabbit.Hk Team

Andrew has been a Hong Kong based entrepreneur for the last 6 years. Prior to this, through his various gigs, he worked with a wide range of organizations to solve strategic issues. Through his engagements he has worked with early stage ventures, Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises. Originally born and raised in Canada, Andrew holds a HBA degree from the University of Toronto.
William spent the last 12 years in Silicon Valley and started his career on Wall Street. Prior to this he worked for a Venture backed internet startup and prior to that he was at Tellme, which was successfully acquired by Microsoft in 2007. He holds a BS degree from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania.

Our Grabbits

We've got about 300 registered Grabbits within our rapidly growing database. Our Grabbits come from all walks of life and we've got people with a wide range of skills.

Here are a few profiles of our Grabbits...

I run my own online label and also produce and manufacture for corporate companies. Running your own business sometimes is boring and lonely. I always used to do promotion jobs and found it a good way to get away from my normal job to do something different and meet different people. In hong kong it's also a good way to explore this fascinating city. I love to help others so hopefully I can put some smiles on other people's faces! Researching is my speciality skill! Attention to detail, full of ideas. If you are stuck for inspiration or creativity, I'm the one. If you need copywriting or inputting data, or anything that needs careful screening. If you are looking for general tasks such as delivering something simple, I am usually running my own errands anyway so hopefully I could help with yours too!
I'm a graphic designer with a strong passion for all things art and design. I I studied graphic design for four years at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and obtained my Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2010. I have worked for companies such as Clipper Magazine and K&W Tire for a combined 5 plus years and am now currently a freelance graphic designer.
My name is Anson, I was an event organizer for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in which I was responsible to host several large conferences like World Research Summit 2012 and APF & ICES 2012 in hotels. All-rounded hands-on experience concerning the social function in organizing gala dinners and entertainments was gained when organizing these events. I had made good use of my vivid personality, always being details minded, flexible and smart, for event organization. Moreover, I have been working in the service industry for more than 5 years, especially in food & beverage and tourism industry. The experience gained taught me how to be calm, even-minded, outgoing, self-initiated and polite when representing a company. In addition, the working experience provides me real and practical experience in handling problems and assisting others with ease and patience. Simultaneously, my emotional quotient has been enhanced when tackling various unexpected incidents.
I am self-motivated, diligent, resourceful, and enjoy coming up with creative solutions. People feel at ease around me, both personally and professionally.
- Recent Graduate - Master in International Business Management - Working experience in Visual Communication Design - Lives in Hong Kong (previously Sydney, Singapore and French Guiana)
I am a native French speaker born and raised in France. I moved to Hong Kong several years ago and decided not to re-enter the Corporate world. I have two Master degrees in IT and Management from Paris Sorbonne University. I am looking for ad-hoc tasks from pickup/delivery to teaching French/English, writing / proof reading & translation tasks. I am also very good with general administration and online research / price comparisons. I am very flexible with timings and immediately available.
I'm from the US and just looking to make a little extra income. Always happy to help!
I'm a French national living in Kennedy Town, I'm available for all your IT, Translation or Delivery needs.
Energetic and responsive person. Experienced in administrative work.
born and raise in Hong Kong, work in the UK as a vet. I occasionally come home to visit friends and family and this job would be for some extra cash while I stay in Hong Kong. When I'm not in Hong Kong I can work on virtual tasks.
I recently relocated to Hong Kong from the UK and hold a degree in Business Studies. My background is in administration, buying and merchandising, having spent 7 years working in the head offices of well-known companies in the UK.
if u need any help on fashion graphic design, pls contact me
I believe "working hard to succeed". I am always diligent to my life and this passion to the work can be illustrated by my outstanding education background and track record of success in extra-curricular activities. Also, my education in university sharpens my analytical skills and thinks creatively. All these experiences are important in this position, where detail-minded and creative ideas are the keys. In addition, my experience to work in different companies helped me to adapt to new environments while sharpening my interpersonal skills to work with people from multi-disciplines. I was happy to be described as friendly and approachable by my colleagues and I still keep in contact now. All these make me a perfect fit into the multi-cultural environment.
I work in a bar from 4-1 in the evening so I am free any time before that. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and am very hard working
Rick, from the United kingdom very energetic and friendly... Been in Hong Kong for 2 years now 21years old!
I'm a local sculptor with a truck and a whole lot of gumption. Creative thinker, helper and doer. I work multiple part time jobs as a foundry director, art installer/handler, handyman type and creative laborer.. and would like some more tasks piled on top of those as well.
I'm a Media Arts graduate working in Hong Kong. I find that I have quite a lot of my free time since I work on a freelance basis. I should probably mention that I'm a native English speaker and I don't currently speak any Chinese.
Hi I am 21 y.o uni student majoring in Electrical Engineering currently i am working part time at starbucks coffee I've good computer and internet skills, speaks eng,cantonese
Hi there! My name is Emma and I live in Hong Kong. I am a student and am currently looking to get some work experience and meet new people. I own two dogs that I care for daily, and I also have a 3 year old brother that I look after. I am passionate when it comes to doing tasks, and would love to be given the opportunity to help those in need.
Hi there, My name is Usman and I was born and raised in HK. I’m in late 20s and currently jobless so I’m looking for some work. I can speak Cantonese if that helps. I’m not too sure if I should say more yet but I hope I will get a positive feedback.
I am an accomplished business writer and editor with experience as an entrepreneur, IT professional and business strategist. I have over 20 years of solid business and consulting experience and holds an MBA from London Business School.
I am a year 2 student studying in the University of Hong Kong. I live in residential halls in Pokfulam and my home is in Prince Edward. Therefore, I am willing to work in these few areas and able to do task remotely. I am currently having my summer holiday with plenty of free time that are available for part time jobs. I am responsible and easy going that I am willing to work with or work for different people. I am hard working also that I am ready for different tasks.
I am an entrepreneur who is a co-founder of Sam the Local ( I love to explore Hong Kong and help other people while doing it. My background is in graphic design and marketing.
I am a student of Master of Social Work in The HK Polytechnic University. I am reliable and honest. I am usually available for freelance job.
I am a recent high school graduate commencing university studies in March. My key qualities include being hardworking, active and detail oriented. I have experience with administrative tasks and event planning.
I'm a Nepalese permanent resident of Hong Kong who is self-motivated, hardworking and dynamic. I have a Bachelor Degree in Commerce, educated in Nepal and India. I love movies, hiking and running.
i am a post graduate student , just wanna do work for a while until my university starts
I'm a 23 year old English teacher. I have a degree in English and journalism with various qualifications in other areas. I'm physically active and love pets!
I am a graduate from St. Paul's College, now studying in City University in HK. I have exchange experiences to Japan and Malaysia, and have worked as intern in Singapore. I am a committee member of FineLens Club, a new-found university student's association of Economic researches. Now I am looking for part-time jobs to make my life more meaningful, and welcomes further co-operations afterward. I have worked for HKU as telephone interviewer, and have taught tutorial classes in local Primary Schools. I have administrative experiences working for a local Political Party and in a national hospital in Singapore. I have a wide range of skills from Database operation to Adventure-Based Counseling (Outward-bound instructing), cinematography/film-editing to running a self-business hosting national airsoft-wargame events. My abilities are publicly recognized. In 2009, I have received a school scholarship for outstanding performance in Computer Application, and an international multimedia project award from ICAC, 2010. I am also a silver medalist in soccer in CityU Inter-Faculty Soccer Championship 2011.
Hello. I currently have a full time job but is absolutely bored by it. I always think I have entrepreneurial spirit but never took too serious about it. After qualifying as professional accountant, there is no need to study during weekends and I wish I can make the most out of my spare time. Always want to try something new during leisure time. Had written an app with a friend, helped master students to write their annual assignments (learned a lot for myself at the same time). I enjoy working on a new tasks. Hope this channel can help me use my spare time efficiently.
I want to earn the frist base money to create a new career. Such as design company. I hope to be quick. I will more hard work when i can get the job.
I am an undergraude student studying Double Degree in Computing and Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Univeristy. I am an enthusiastic person and willing to take up responsibilities together with initiation and dedication to accomplish all tasks.
I have done alot of ad hoc event jobs, those that requires alot of roving around etc. I can speak english,mandarin cantonese, putonghua and korean! very fast typist, average 100-115 words per minute, done some translation job as well.
Hi! I just moved from London to Hong Kong and, at the moment, I have quite a lot of spare time while I get a job as an Engineer, so I thought that helping people would help me to not go crazy while that happens and, why not?! earning some extra money.
I have been in hk for 26 years, i consider it home, i have been a professional mixologist for the past 15 years, now looking to change my paste of life,
I am 18 years old and I graduated from high school in 2011. I have had all type of jobs and leadership positions within my community and groups that I am apart of. I have done administrative work, production work, babysitting, and so much more!
More than five years experience working with electronic App toys which allow me to have a great understanding with software. More than five years responsible for business development with world’s leading toy manufacturer More than three years responsible for the customer account management with a globally acting fashion company including the coordination of production issues and shipping More than 4 years sales executive experience with global fashion company including assisting regional management in operations, reporting and administration Excellent communication skills in written & spoken English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and German Extensive knowledge in fashion retail & wholesale business Business Administration diploma with excellent study results at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (Area of specialization: Management / German)
I recently completed the IB and graduated from high school. I am planning on studying architecture in England in September, and am hoping to keep myself busy in my free time!
Recent high school graduate from the US who's taking a year off before college. I’m hardworking and have a one-track mind when given a goal. Able bodied and quick to move around, I'm used to running errands and doing odd jobs at school. Born and raised in Hong Kong, moving around the city is second nature to me and since out of school, I have tons of free time on hand.
Working at the airport and on shift, having flexible time schedule Well organized and detail minded
What an interesting group. I have 18years of experience in recruitment. I can assist with any HR and Admin related work. I can write resumes/cvs.
Hello, I am a graduate student with a background in fine art and photography. I live in Wan Chai. I speak English, use public transit and taxis.
I am a recent graduate at an international school in Hong Kong. I am fluent in speaking English and Japanese and would love to work for you any time. I am efficient, responsible, and reliable. I have worked at a few schools during summer as an assistant teacher and have done desk work.
Flexible and quick with tasks. Can manage to get things done with ease
I am a Business Process professional with Business Analysis and Project Management experience. I am also a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and have worked in an Agile environment. Skilled in the requirement process, business process analysis, and relationship management, I have worked in New Zealand, Germany, and Japan, and Hong Kong in Government, Start-up Online Retail, Education, and Telecommunication. I can provide services in: - Business Process Modelling and Improvement - Project Management - Proofreading
My name is Kevin, 17 highschool boy. I can speak fluent english and chinese. I like photography and filmaking abd sometimes, even blogging.I like to edit pictures in lightroom and timelapses is my speciality. Though I am in high school I do have plenty of time e.g free everyday after 6p.m. and totally free on weekends. Fun fact, I like coffee. 😂😂
This is Emily and I am 24. I am currently unemployed as I am still looking for my ideal type of job. I found this website so interesting as it feels like i can find every kind of job that people do actually willing to pay for someone else to do for them. I am energetic, cheerful and love to make new friends. I am interested in jobs that give me a chance to meet new people. I studied fashion before and have great interest in music ,different kinds of sports.
My name is Rudolf Richard Hollander(or Rudy), I am 19 years old and am currently in a gap year after graduating high school and will be entering university next year. I lived in Tuen Mun my almost my whole life, and have lived in Causeway Bay and Pui O, and have also been around Hong Kong a lot. I am a film enthusiast and an expert in media such as filming, editing, sound editing, presentation making, photo manipulating and can also teach people how to do those things. I have been an admin for a popular Youtuber. I am easy to work with, if someone wants a task done quick and simple I will do that and if they want more creative input I can provide that as well. I can also do basic chores and have high availability to help others on Grabbit!
I like anything which is fun and can do it leisurely. I am a legal trainee now, but I would love to do freelance job.
Born in HK, associate degree in wholesale and foreign trade very skillful at MS Excel, and organizing complex data or projects in simple ways basic PC troubleshooting, can help to make your PC run faster Dragonboat expert (maybe my greatest passion) can also fix most broken things around the house
I'm a former lawyer, trade magazine editor, and corporate communications/public relations specialist. I'm currently taking a break from full-time employment to develop myself as a musician. During this phase, I would be glad to help people through my multi-faceted skills - from writing, proofreading, presenting/MC, to market research, secretarial support, and English/music teaching, piano accompaniment. I look forward to hearing from you and making your life easier!
I am a MBA holder and have many years of working experience in purchasing and supply chain. I am now semi-retire and would like to take up part time job which would be the best to utiltize my expertise. I am looking for consultant job on e-procurement installation project or any other virtual part time job.
computer admin, database, windows, mac, maintenance, office work.
I was born in HK. Lived in Texas, US for 23 years. Then moved to Mumbai, India for 4 years. Now, back in HK. Looking for freelance jobs as I am planning to move my family from Mumbai to HK, so full time job will be impossible at the moment. I speak English and Cantonese at native lever. I understand Mandarin but do not speak as well.
Hi there, I came across this amazing site yesterday. What a lovely way to spend some time and show off your skills. I am open to virtual tasks such as internet exploring/ research. I also have strong public speaking skills in case you want to prepare a speech or know the etiquette. I will be interested in small odd jobs! Feel free to send me a message or call, Ranjani
I am a native English speaker born and brought up in London. I recently moved to Hong Kong and decided not to re-enter the Corporate world. I have a Mathematics degree from Imperial College London and also have a Chartered Accountant Qualification. I am looking for ad hoc tasks from proof reading English to looking over accounts and am also very good with general admin. I am very flexible with timings and I have a Dependent Vsa to work in HK.
Sky Zeyu LU (吕澤宇), Male, comes from mainland China. Education Master of Science in Applied Accounting and Finance from Hong Kong Baptist University Anticipated graduation at June 2012 Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting acquired from Beijing Normal University Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC), PRChina. Graduated at June 2011 GPA: 3.08 Main relevant courses: Advanced accounting, Financial management, Cost and management accounting, Organizational behavior, Corporation law etc. Experience Assisted with maintaining accounts, journal entries and records at Mindong Hongyu Metallurgical Ltd Co. ―– July 2009 to Sep 2009 Participated in a “Work and Travel in USA” summer program, won a job offer provided by ValleyFair Theme Park in Minnesota―– June 2010 to Sep 2010 Activities Accomplished a training of voluntary service, and volunteered to teach English in primary school ―– 2008 Joined Roots & Shoots organization, developed an environmental friendly group called Chloe to recycle used textbook, and arranged an environmental art exhibition ―– 2008 Represented UIC-Accounting major to conduct a communication seminar with student representatives from Accounting of University of Macau—2009 Skills Software: Microsoft Office, Photoshop
looking for money in my spare time
I am 15 years old. I can speak 2 languages, English and Hindi. I am interested in working for the Food Industry. I would like to be a cook in a restaurant and willing to do pick up/delivery tasks. I am efficient and will complete the given task. I have a positive attitude and enjoy meeting new people.
Art Lee is a Hong Kong Digital Strategist with the primary goal of promoting businesses in a localized and relevant manner. The approach is always integrated, as the right marketing mix is very specific to each business. A graduate of the University of California Berkeley and an early adopter of the Internet in Silicon Valley - California, he has utilized the Internet to gain sales leads for every business he has owned and operated since 1992. From 1994 -2001, he worked as an Independent Consultant developing training and marketing content for multi-million dollar software products. From 2002 to Present, he continues to run several online business and communities that sell various products and services as well as provide Digital Marketing services to a list of international clients.
I had worked for a multi international company as divisonal merchandise & operation manager for years. Last August I quitted the job and took up a course of Horicultural Therapy to reset my career path in oder to seek for work life balance. I would like to replore other interest as well as generate income through work for grabbit. I poccess strong communucation /organisation skill and my good sense of responsibility will deliver a satisfied service to grabbit's customers.
I am an experienced writer, editor, digital marketer who is available for tasks on a small scale and strategy basis. I am available to help write and create a digital strategy that works for you or your business.
I am a fresh graduate from HKBU, my major is visual arts. I am a outgoing person and love to approach different things in my life in order for me to keep growing and learning.Now i am currently working in cathay pacific as a cabin crew, due to the flexible work hours and many free day off, i would like to make good use of these precious time and do something meaningful and inspirational. I am a fast learner with positive attitude, i am confident that i can do well in different area.
I have lived in HK for 18 years and work for a multinational company. Looking to make good use of free time I have.
Hi, I have a day time job at the business district in Central, currently looking forward to make some side business ideas and I would love to earn a couple extra Bucks during the week to start my own business. Japanese man born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in the States and Italy. Atheletic and I speal four different language. Hope I can help out whenever possible!
My LinkedIn profile: I am an enthusiastic 'people's person' with a determined drive at work. My cultural and language exchange experiences (English, French, German) equip me with a lot of communication skills when working with all walks of life, making communication one of my biggest strengths. Having worked at a global PR agency gave me a lot of training in being meticulous while delivering high quality work which exceeds expectation, in a face-paced environment. I am also a keen, curious learner. My curiosity has brought me many different interests from music, to dancing, to languages to art etc. Debating and art are two very important elements that open me up to explore a new world and to appreciate different perspectives.
I am Eric, a responsible and positive person who has a broad interest and is motivated by the thought of being able to help others in our society. I have lived in Hong Kong most of my life and I have spent four years in California (San Francisco and LA) where I obtained my bachelor's degree in geography and environmental studies at UCLA. As an individual with good communication and administrative skills, I have worked in the Hong Kong Government LCSD and in a non profit education organization. Further, among my array of interests, I am particularly good at illustration and the area of art; I will have an advanced diploma in product design and engineering in June 2015, where going forward, I would like to pursue a career in the field of design. I am generally helpful, efficient and well-rounded, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any type of task that you would like to get done.
I am a 54 years old British Citizen. I have lived in Hong Kong since 1994, am a permanent resident and very familiar with HK. I worked in the UK Civil Service for 17 years, then teaching, delivery and sales experience in HK. I currently just work a few hours a week and am usually available. I am honest and reliable. I am quite fit and youthful for my age.
Independent feature film producer Franco Sama boasts a remarkable and extensive history in marketing, public speaking, public relations and film development. Since founding Fylmar Productions in 2005, Sama has Executive Produced an impressive array of independent feature films including; “Black Limousine” which stars David Arquette, Vivica Fox and Bijou Phillips, “Tooth and Nail” starring Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones, “The Penitent Man,” starring Lance Henriksen and Andrew Keegan and "Paid," starring Corbin Bernsen and Tom Conti. Sama is also co-producer on the film “Guns, Girls and Gambling” starring Gary Oldman, Christian Slater and Dane Cook. Sama also serves as Executive Producer on the upcoming film “Petunia” which recently premiered at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco, California starring Thora Birch, Brittany Snow and Academy Award winner Christine Lahti. Sama’s newly formed “Samaco Films” is currently in the process of funding an entire slate of independent feature films, including “No Valley" starring the incomperable Shirley Jones as well as several others which are all expected to begin principle photography by the end of 2012 and released in the summer of 2013.
My name is Kyle and I am 15 years old. I am passionate about Gymnastics and my future career goal is to start my own business. I do a lot of service volunteer work which includes several leadership roles, such as founding clubs and leading service projects. I am also first aid qualified and am a member of my school's first aid team, accompanying sports teams to provide first aid assistance.
I just want to make some money since I don’t want to entirely rely on my parents as a student. I’m efficient and will make sure tasks are done as asked. I am a budding biomed student and did art before hand, so I’m both creative and organised. I also had placements and volunteered in multiple hospitals, therefore have some work experience.

If you are interested in becoming a Grabbit please go to our contact page and fill out the application form.

If you are interested in becoming a Grabbit and work for us, please fill out an application on our contact page.

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